The winds of change

The winds of change

January 11, 2018

Yes, the winds of change have been blowing around here for the last few months. A change was necessary, why? Glad you asked! We made a decision to take this business to a new level and in order to accomplish that it was necessary to have an honest look at who we are. We joined a group of awesome business owners in a class headed by the super smart and mega-successful Lela Barker and the amazing Lucky Break team. To make a long (and at times painful) story short, we emerged on the other side having a clear vision of who Aromelle is and how to make her flourish.

We emerge with the added philosophy of transforming the bathing ritual into a mini vacation, a quick getaway from our busy lives. We continue to patronize companies that care about the environment, that try and have a very small carbon footprint; we continue to use phthalate-free fragrances, to use Shea butter from Ghana co-ops run by women, for women. As a nurse, I am familiar with the consequences of using certain chemicals on and in our bodies and am very particular about what we use, I love bright colors and pretty smells and use them frequently but make sure that they are not harmful.

As a military wife, we traveled extensively, both as part of the Air Force and on frequent family vacations, many of the places depicted on our collections come from our own memories, others from friends and family. The intent is to take you there, close your eyes, and enjoy a short respite while in your shower or soaking in the tub. The scents are our interpretation of that place, maybe is the smell of sweet strawberries we enjoyed for breakfast at a particular hotel, the smells surrounding us while walking in thru a  park or a market, a sensory memory that puts us right back in that place. 

We are grateful and humbled to share this experiences with you, life is a constant bustle, we invite you to take a short break, no passport needed........


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