February 11, 2018

The island is strategically located between the Greek mainland and Crete. According to mythology, it was in the waters of Kythera that Aphrodite - the Greek Goddess of love was born.


 Kythera is a secluded island with a relaxing atmosphere, it has gorgeous beaches and even ghosts villages! The Venetian castle offers breathtaking views of the sea.The monasteries of Agia Moni, Agia Elesa, and Myrtidiotissa are among the most famous on Kythera island, take a stroll around the ghost village of Paleochora, and don't forget to visit the small church inside the cave of Agia Sofia.

goods produced on the island include honey, olive oil, and wine.Their thyme honey is among the best in quality in the world. Olive oil is the main product of the Kytherian farmer. In Kythera, you will see big parts of land packed with olive trees, as they flourish due to the good climate.The varieties of grapes grown in Kythera are petrolanos, roditis, arikaras etc. The wine is usually white or rosé. Every summer there is a wine feast in Mitata.

This island is on my list of places to visit in the next few years....can't wait!

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